My First MSP Experience

1 minute read

Here I am again, this time writing about my first experience as a Microsoft Student Partner, or at least as an MSP-to-be πŸ˜› .

This wasn’t exactly planned, instead it was Rodrigo’s idea to invite me to come along. Rodrigo is the current MSP at ESTG Leiria and for the next year, I will be “taking his place”, hence the invitation with the purpose of getting me into the spirit of the thing.

The plan was to visit a children nursing house in Leiria. Basically it’s a house where children are sent to when they either have lost their parents or when their parents simply can’t support them in a good environment. So we were to visit the said house and offer them a brand new XBOX with 2 games. We did so and everyone was happy, we were happy for having done the good deed of the day, the kids were happy because they had been given a new toy.

After some conversation regarding some basic courses we will also be providing the children with, we all came back home. Not much was settled regarding these courses, since the holidays are ending and the whole school fuss is starting to spin again, so there aren’t many certainties regarding schedules yet, but this will be the plan for the upcoming months: arrange for the children to be taught basic notions on Windows and Word.

I’ll keep the news coming as I have them.

I’m also posting a password-protected post with the pictures from this event, just to make sure that only allowed people get to see them, as I’m not the only one in them. πŸ™‚