MSP Team Building 2009

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First off, my apologies for having gone for so long without posting anything, but the truth is that I have been too busy to think about my blog. I have had my vacations on Lagos and right after that, I went to the far North of Portugal with the rest of the Portuguese Microsoft Student Partners.

It was a great experience, an amazing chance to learn from people who have been in our shoes at some point and have thrived brilliantly, and also a fabulous opportunity to get to know the other MSPs and to make new friends. All of this was certainly achieved. I met some really great people, some really smart and brilliant guys and the scenery was absolutely amazing. I know some people prefer beaches and all sunny weather and that stuff, me I enjoy mountains, cool breezes and deep, green valleys πŸ™‚ so the place was perfectly picked, except that it was oddly warm for this time of the year, but oh well… you can’t understand weather these days anymore.

The funniest/weirdest experience was definitely showering to the light of a flashlight. Right as we were getting ready to leave, a massive thunderstorm fell upon the place with lots of raining, and all I remember was hearing a big *KABOOM* and all of a sudden I was in a completely dark bathroom. One of my mates (Nuno Sousa) kindly borrowed me his flashlight and that’s how I had to finish my shower.

All in all and everything considered, it was a wonderful weekend and well worth the effort of spending 6 hours in a train πŸ˜› .

Me Giving The Keynote Speech

Me Giving The Keynote Speech

(Not really the keynote πŸ˜› that is just me receiving the MSP card and presenting myself)