Gmail now has customizable themes – what about us?!

1 minute read

That’s right, what about us, Google Apps users?

Google has recently released means for people to customize the looks of their GMail inboxes, but we, Google Apps users, are still in the blue. (That’s my poor attempt at a pun)

Ever since Theming was released for GMail that I have been waiting and hoping to get the very same feature for Google Apps. After all, some of the G. Apps users are paying users, so one would expect the guys at Google to roll out the new features fairly quickly for their Apps users. That has not been the case. It was not the case with IMAP and it was not the case with Google Labs.

Now once more, it is not the case with Themes.

Sure, you can throw out all the excuses that there are a lot of users and that it needs a lot of work to roll out the features to everyone, but that just doesn’t stick with me. Even recently we (Apps users) got our default theme changed to the default theme brought by the theming feature, however, the Themes tab is still MIA on the Settings page.

Clearly, part of the code has already been rolled out, but not all of it. The why is yet to be known, as Google won’t give anything more than “soon, Themes will come to Google Apps”. But how soon, Google?