What’s hot?

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I am certainly not. My life’s about to get shaken up a little and I am going from idleness to a rather busy period, or so I believe.

At this point I have decided I will be applying once more for Google Summer of Code. I applied last year and sadly, didn’t get approved. Still, I stuck around an open source project and actually got to do some work on it. The experience was invaluable and I am going for the very same project again. My experience will be a plus and I really am looking forward to be part of GSoC’09.

At the same time, I am having to do research for my final school project: analyzing and proofing the eXplicit Control Protocol (XCP). As exciting as it may sound, it gets a little demotivating when the true goals of our project are, to say the least, blurry. Still, I am aiming to do the best I can.

Still on my thought currently are two school subjects:

– Decision Support Systems – The labs on this subject are turning out quite interesting. The definition of DSS is interesting and it is fascinating to get your hands dirty with data warehouses and with extreme load scenarios. The theory however is kinda boring and dull…

– Enterprise Information Systems – Good ole SAP. It looks like this subject will be extremely intensive and will require a lot of work but it is certainly a nice challenge. Having SAP in my CV will also be a massive stepping stone for the future as SAP consultants are not only very well paid, but the position is also always in constant demand.

For the near future I also have some extra-curricular plans. I have volunteered to be part of the FITEC event, so that should be interesting.

And that’s all folks! I better go get some sle…..get back to work I mean! 😉