LG KM900 – You’re doing it wrong

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As the newest LG KM900 is released, I can’t help the thought: LG, you’re doing it wrong.

Honestly, I do not feel motivated to write about this phone simply because it is not aimed at mainstream; whoever tells me otherwise is clearly missing on the whole point. Put it this way, a phone isn’t really just a phone anymore these days. The market requires customisable and flexible phones, such phones that can be expanded. What is the point of having a next-gen, touch-screen phone if afterwards you can’t extend it with third-party applications and functionality?

In my humble opinion, it is safe to say that nowadays, a phone without:

1) Windows Mobile


2) Symbian OS


3) iPhone OS

is just doomed to extinction and failure. I know I wouldn’t buy anything outside that. (I am a proud owner of an iPhone 3G by the way)