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10 Google Wave Invites

Yeah, it is serious 🙂 I have 10 Google Wave invites to distribute to the first ten visitors to leave me a comment on this post. This is NOT a contest, I will be giving the invites to the ten first lucky people who leave a comment on this post requesting an invite. Please be sure to leave the comment with a working e-mail address, or the invite won’t go through and you will lose your chance.

Comment away!

[UPDATE]: 8 invites left!

Adobe and the slap on Apple

Well, for some weird reason, Apple refuses to give in and have Adobe port Flash over to the iPhone. It would be a massive advantage if we could see an iPhone with a full blown version of Flash, as opposed to Flash Lite. But… Apple won’t bend. So what does Apple do? The best it can do right now: get people angry at Apple.

Below is the image that people will see when they try to download Flash on their iPhones (courtesy of Engadget):


A day in the life of a Presario CQ60

CQ60So here I am now, finally alone. My owner won’t leave me alone for a second during the day! I’m surprised he gave me some rest now, I guess I should enjoy it.

Well, first things first so I should introduce myself. I’m an HP Compaq Presario CQ60-200EP and by the looks of it, I must be pretty darn good as my owner uses me every single day! It can be maddening at times… having him (literally) push my buttons all the time…

Lately he’s done a smart move though and installed Windows 7 on me. I feel so much lighter now. It’s as if I went to the gym regularly for a year… except I didn’t!

I don’t get to do much fun stuff very often but he does a lot of work with me and in a way I’m happy with that. I like feeling useful and handy and I know my owner trusts me with some pretty serious stuff…

I pack a generous 15.6 inch screen which is pretty wide and still portable (in your face, you 17 inch monsters!). All in all I was very affordable and I’m a dual core, from Intel – by far the best CPU maker out there right now. My graphics are also by Nvidia which is pretty darn good, I say. You know, I also have a DVD burner with lightscribe which is the next best thing these days and did I mention that I have an integrated card-reader, a webcam and an HDMI output?! I love it when he plugs me in to his 52 inch flat screen. I feel like a whole different computer when he watches 1080p movies with me!

Do you need a laptop? If you do, I have a few brothers that would gladly live with you and accompany you everywhere! I’m a sexy piano-black and have a cute aluminum “Q” on my lid. Interested? Well, for a limited period I can get you $30 off in orders over $150 on the HP Home Store. Sounds good?

Just go over to the HP Home Store and use the following coupon code: SV2132.

Keep in mind though! This coupon is valid through the 31st of October or while supplies last! So get yours while it is still time!
(Restrictions and exclusions apply)




iPhone virus – avast!

Soooo… apparently Mac’s can’t catch viruses but the iPhone certainly can. There is a flaw in the iPhone’s software that allows any attacker to gain complete control over your phone. Flaw which Apple is aware of but still hasn’t patched. The details are simple and as such I will cut to the chase: if you receive an SMS with a single square in it, by the love of God – TURN OFF YOUR PHONE.

You have been warned, be safe, buy a Palm Pré.

[via Engadget]

Imageshack Hacked? – Yes!

The famous website for hosting images,, has just recently been hacked with the manifesto below. Our sources say all images were replaced with this manifesto, but according to the manifesto itself «no images were harmed in the making of this… image». Let’s hope for the users’ sake that this is indeed true.

It remains to be seen what does Imageshack actually have to do with the topic of this manifesto…


Google Chrome OS – First Screenshots! [UPDATE]

Here they are! The (supposed) first screenshots of what is to become Google’s Operating System. The credibility and plausibility of those screenshots is actually flaky, but it’s the best we have at the moment. Whether they are photoshopped or the real thing, time will tell.

The blog the images were taken from: here.

[via Engadget]

Update: The blog is a lie! Like I suspected, the leaked screenshots are actually fake. It didn’t look so bad though!

Google Chrome OS – Google’s Bing Retaliation

Just a few hours ago Google has announced it will be entering the operating system market. The contestant? Google Chrome OS.

Google’s goals seem to be speed and simplicity, although it remains unclear where they want to go with this. They go as far as stating that if you spend most of your time on the web, then Chrome OS is for you but this is all still too blurry. Will this be an actual operating system that lives outside the browser? Or is this some sort of mock-up of an operating system that you get in your browser? If it is the first, then I have a hard time finding true utility for it – a computer that can only browse the net? *Skepticism alert*

The time frame? Second half of 2010. Hit up the links below for more info:



Musical Tesla Coil Plans [Updated…]

A great deal of people seem to land in my blog searching for the plans for building a Musical Tesla Coil. Therefore, I decided to do some researching myself and I am posting here my findings. I hope you find them useful 🙂

Tesla Construction Plans

Very Detailed Technical Plans [Broken]

Till the next time!

Update: So apparently I still get loads of hits from people trying to get their hands on the schematics for Tesla Coils. I’m afraid I can’t help you much on musical Tesla coils, but here’s a great website that describes all that you need to know to build just a funky Tesla coil: – now, go crazy! If you manage to build one, be sure to come back here and post an image. If you post one on the comments zone, I’ll incorporate it into the post 🙂

The end of the Ubuntu vs. Windows war!


Christopher Dawnson over at ZDNet has announced the end of the Ubuntu vs. Windows war, the world is safe again!

Till the next time!

WAIT! Hold it!

What the heck?! Wasn’t ZDNet supposed to be a reliable source of information regarding technology? So what are these shenanigans about his 17 year old saying that they’re the same? I’ll tell you what it is: it is the most bold statement I’ve heard all year, and also the most idiotic one. So just because a 17 year old says that they’re the same, 6 billion people will just agree and this fact will just be set in stone? Bullshit.

Windows and Linux are different; it’s about time people realize that. I absolutely need both so is this proof enough that they are ultimately different?

Christopher says: “Their underlying architectures are quite a bit different, Gnome looks different than the 7 UI, etc.”. The underlying architectures are quite a bit different, Gnome looks different than 7 does, but apart from that, which by the way is everything that effing matters in an Operating System, they’re pretty much the same.

I have a Hyundai Getz, my neighbour has a Ferrari, but apart from the engine and the chassis they’re pretty much the same. They both have wheels! A whole set of four! So they must be the same…

Come on guys… get serious.

iPhone 3.0 Jailbreak and ultrasn0w? It is out!

It might be old news for some, but I am sure that not everyone is aware of this yet.

The good folks at the iPhone Dev Team did it again and after some days that just seemed too long, they released the new tool called redsn0w. This tool is meant to jailbreak the iPhone 3G only, and only with the firmware 3.0 – jailbreak for the 3GS still hasn’t been released but since the flaw seems to exist in the 3G, it should only be a matter of days (and of the Dev Team getting their hands on a 3GS – feel free to chip in) until the jailbreak is released.

The process is pretty simple, just update to 3.0 normally through iTunes and when that’s done, search for the correct IPSW in the following folder (if you’re using Vista or 7):
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates
(For XP, search around the Application Data folders under Documents and Settings)

When you have this file, just feed it to redsn0w and follow the steps. In under 5 minutes you should be running a jailbroken 3.0.

After this is done, if you also want to operator-unlock your phone, you’ll need ultrasn0w. This is the replacement for the long-lived yellowsn0w. In case you weren’t aware of this fact, the new baseband has a hole again, which allows for it to be hacked. This way, we can all use different operator SIM cards without a problem.

To install ultrasn0w, you simply need to add the repo and then search and install the application ultrasn0w on Cydia. Reboot your phone, and you’re done. It really is THAT easy!

So what are you waiting for? Go for it!